fireman 2 years, 4 months ago on Commissioners approve budget tied to tax increase

Well, if you're comfortable with increasing numbers of experienced police officers and firefighters leaving and being replaced with NO experience, and many being the new "I'm going to do as little as possible/ it's easier to quit doing something hard than push through and make it happen" generation...then so be it. I'm NOT happy with the lowest qualified people protecting MY family or watching MY back!!!

Also, there's some general private versus government differences. I have made "government wages" my entire career, by my choice of course I avoided the private work place in exchange for hopefully better benefits and job security and lower wages.

Well, the better benefits have been taken away from us, but I still have a job (very thankful).


fireman 2 years, 5 months ago on Commissioners approve budget tied to tax increase

Well, no raises for don't blame us. I know raises are a sensitive subject with so many out of work...but I chose this job with lower wages versus a private industry job...I know it was my choice.

Hundreds of us have dedicated our lives to protect the lives and property of the citizens.'s becoming even less attractive to stay here. We're losing some great firefighters and police officers to Atlanta and Cobb that start off making more and are getting raises.


fireman 2 years, 5 months ago on BOC to mull budget on Thursday

How about a raise for county employees? It's been 5 years without a raise, meanwhile cost of living and benefits have gone up.

We're losing firefighters and police officers leaving for other departments paying more and giving raises.