entr0physt 3 years, 1 month ago on Supporters of ailing Snellville woman show up at BOE

First, let's imagine what the schools could do with $170,380* worth of supplies. I'm certain those respective teachers are every bit as "hard-working", even if the individuals in their charge are merely hyper-energetic, shrieking, leaking. fighting, fidget-machines. They must be proud to have such an overtly dedicated superintendent. And yet, imagine how much might be accomplished in assisting one of their own, as they seem willing to do. "All we can do"... indeed. What an interesting interpretation.

(*) -------------- 18143 + 28360 + 42000 + 17077 + 64800 (2700 * 24, for 2 years of monthly stipend)


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Salt, pepper, Greek yogurt and parsley. Optional: one pound of lamb.