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Man found dead at Duluth apartment complex April 19, 2014


elltchr 1 year, 3 months ago on Police release few details on 14-year-old's murder

That's right! A known gang member in Lawrenceville who did a DRIVE BY SHOOTING was jailed for ONE year and is NOW on the streets again. What, one year has changed his ways? I have had to buy a gun to protect myself because by the time police arrive, its all over! This is the REALITY that living in Gwinnett brings these days!


elltchr 1 year, 3 months ago on elltchr

Traffic congestion is not only frustrating, it is dangerous. People do crazy desperate things when they are impatient, frustrated, or angry! Even people who want to do the speed limit, are tailgated and almost run over by 18wheelers! I have a "Baby on Board" sticker on my back window but people don't give a damn if a child is on board. They just care about speeding and getting to where they're going as fast as possible. They are putting lives in danger! I WANT more traffic cameras. I WANT more police with radar. The metro area is out of control and I'm moving OUT the first chance I get. God help us all!


elltchr 1 year, 6 months ago on elltchr

Won't people EVER learn about drinking and driving...oh that's right...I can't happen to me!!!!


elltchr 1 year, 7 months ago on WIENER: Future of Gwinnett tied to revival of Gwinnett Place

I was at Gwinnett Mall alone one night over 5 years ago and had to ask a security guard to walk me to my car. This place has been going down the drain for a long time. There's no reviving it's gone to the gang members/drug dealers who have so blatantly announced their presence!


elltchr 2 years ago on Police investigate fatal Lawrenceville accident

There are too many people SPEEDING on the roads! I can't drive the speed limit without someone tailgating me..trying to push me to go faster! God help us all. Now all we need is the airport expansion to cause more traffic and noise pollution. What quality of life is there in Gwinnett any more?


elltchr 2 years, 1 month ago on Man critical in overnight CVS shooting

It happened in May of 1989...a few days before Mother's Day! That young lady's name was Cindy Johnson, 32 years old and a mother of two. She was my neighbor and friend. I still miss her almost 23 years later.


elltchr 2 years, 1 month ago on elltchr

I have lived in Gwinnett Co. almost 30 years and personally have witnessed the quality of life decline for all of us who continue living here.

Crime has risen but we hear it and think oh well, it's the metro area, it's to be expected...until it happens to you or your family. In Lawrenceville last June 17th, my son's front door was kicked in at 11:30 at night and four masked black men proceeded to terrorize and rob my family at gunpoint while their two-year-old hid in the closet. Now the baby is obsessed with saying "policeman shoot bad guys."

Traffic has increased to where even the secondary streets are clogged hours during am and pm rush hours...and I do mean lease three to four hours each morning and afternoon, causing speeding drivers (when they can), accidents and major frustration. (I now carry a book to read at red lights because in the duration I can read at least a couple pages!)

I attribute the quality of life destructin to the overdevelopment of the county with apartments and townhomes (in essence..greed) and the victory of MARTA which was fought for many years by voters.

It's sad. I used to love this county. No wonder the water tower was taken down which read, "Gwinnett is Great." Well, that was the past. Gwinnett is NOT Great any longer.