eer5136 1 year, 3 months ago on ZAKARIA: The solution to gun violence is clear

Nice article on guns and violence and your complete and total disregard for clearly presenting all the relevant facts such as how virtually all of the countries you mentioned that have a lower rate of gun violence have laws that make it illegal for the citizens to own firearms.

Also since you and nearly all anti gun people here is the US have no real sense of their countries history in regards to the second amendment let me remind you that when the founding fathers wrote that amendment that the people were able to posses the same weapons as the military/government and it was possession of the same weapons as the military/government that kept those in government with leanings towards doing things the way England did them that kept those people in government from attempting to push the country in the same direction as England. And since most of you wont believe me go do the research; pick up a few books on our early history and the politics of the day and prove it too yourself.