doctormd 2 years, 2 months ago on Woman arrested at Parkview graduation after fighting with cops

This young lady stays in my neighborhood. I witnessednthe events as they occurred. They would not allow her in her daughters graduation when she asked why they told her there was no room. As people left she asked if she could go in so she could see her daughter walk across. Over 50 people left as there children walked across. There was no reason why we couldnt go in to see our children. Ms White was the only one to speak up. She didnt yell curse or be disrespectful in any manner. They were upset that she wouldnt just let them treat us " the parents" that way.

To haughton. You should really learn to question what you read. Especially since you werent there. Some things are commons since. How did police officers get a woman in a tight dress in a police car without knowing she has 14ounces of weed? My wife is a gwinett sheriff. She slso states that it is impossible. She also told me that ms white was turning herself in on weekends so that she could work during the week to support her children. Which is why it appears that she has so many arrest in gwinett. The slander im reading here is pretty sad.