docgreen1499 2 years, 4 months ago on 75 percent of SPLOST proposal could go to transportation

Knew they would find a way around the T-SPLOST getting voted down....typical government, robbing Peter to pay Paul....and Mayor of Norcross is not any better at money just used $1 million to pay for 2 pieces of land..Great job done there...


docgreen1499 2 years, 6 months ago on Plea deal reached in fatal Lilburn meth house fire

I am sorry, but a plea deal for that is just sad....they will get out in 30 years (earlier for probation) and the 3 children are gone forever....that deal should have never been made...


docgreen1499 2 years, 11 months ago on Charter amendment passes

If you don't want your kids in public schools, fine...YOU pay for them to go to private school, don't make me foot the bill for your kids....


docgreen1499 3 years ago on Sheriff's deputy faces DUI charge after wreck

Do any of you even know what you are talking about?

  1. He was allowed to “resign in lieu of termination”. Guess what, that DOES get investigated by POST. He will never work in law enforcement again.
  2. Have you seen what law enforcement makes in a year? They have not gotten a raise in a few years to help keep your tax rates down….a take home car is a small boost in their income.
  3. It is a proven fact, a police car parked in a neighborhood helps lower the crime rate there. Criminals come into a neighborhood, see a police car and go somewhere else. There is a police car on the street I live on….I for one am glad to see it there.
  4. “Life Saving Award” for his actions in saving an inmate’s life who attempted suicide”..sounds weird right???....BUT HE SAVED A LIFE while trying to protect you from them.
  5. Yes, he messed up BIG time…he will be paying for it for the rest of his life, a career shot to hell, trying to find a job in this economy, might even lose his house and his private car, but have you never ever made a mistake in your life?

docgreen1499 3 years ago on Oversight weak on expense system for lawmakers

is anyone really shocked or surprised about this.....and they really wonder why no one trusts them anymore....


docgreen1499 3 years ago on Chief asks for raises to retain police officers

I would much rather pay for their pay raises, which they deserve, than that wonderful trash plan they came up with a few years ago...


docgreen1499 3 years ago on DA asks for investigator to look into corruption

Chief Boyd might want to re-check his facts....the old threshold for shoplifting to be charged as a felony was $ it is $500.00. The one he is talking about is "theft"....maybe "Butch" needs to have his high ranking officials go out and work the road every once and a while to stay current with what the front line troops are doing....


docgreen1499 3 years, 1 month ago on 6 officers barely escape fleeing suspect's vehicle

Ready for this will blow your mind...he was arrested on 10/18/2011 for all those charges, bonded out on 01/26/2012. Arrested again and bond revoked on 04/23/2012 and given bond again and out on 07/16/2012 for the same charges and arrested again 08/20/2012 for the charges in this latest arrest.....hhhhhmmmmmmm...glad the Judges and DA are tough on crime....