dede00 2 years, 5 months ago

People have their own agenda and want those against the airport off the committee. What is fair is fair! Get over it people! Everyone is suppose to be represented in this group! Pushy, bossy, arrogant people who do not care for the 65,000 people who would be directed affected by bringing in big planes. Not to mention that it would destroy downtown Lawrenceville and the events at the court house. Jim Regan has every right to be there as our representative!


dede00 2 years, 4 months ago

Wish this all would stop and they look in a less populated area! The commissioners okayed an assisted living facility at 29 and Cedars Rd. **I just don't understand how they could have allowed it knowing that with their plans to expand, it would greatly effect that business. If they are to be considering people's quality of life in their district, then mine, and all those around the airport should be a strong deterrent for this area. Any airport expansion around this area will further an already bad driving situation in the area. If they haven't noticed, 316 really sucks to drive on!


dede00 2 years ago

Please stop the airport expansion idea already! So very tired of jut trying to live a peaceful life, and people in power trying to take it away! In the meetings some commissioners will talk about a business and quality of life issues concerning the surrounding areas, but when it comes to more than a few(like 65,000 in a 3 mile radius), they sound so willing to put us under the bus.


dede00 1 year, 10 months ago

If you go out and spend on something that is NOT a done deal, the expense is on you! The people of Gwinnett County owe you nothing for your loss. If anything, I am glad you over committed after all the stress you caused the surrounding areas around the airport. For you, it is only money, for us, you were threatening our peace of mind!


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