dawgsntennis 1 year, 9 months ago on Judicial candidates tackle race relations in latest forum

No, we can't be everything to all people.

But when 32 percent out 'minority-majority' county will either need a translator for themselves or for their family members, we need to take an honest look at our society before uttering some political lines. Every Gwinnettian has a constitutional right to be treated fairly. That means reaching a reasonable understanding of the decisions they make in the court. People in wheelchairs have the right to get to the courthouse, thus the ramp. No, they didn't choose to be disabled, but what makes you so confident about your ability to learn another language? How do you define English proficiency anyway? If you move to another country for a better life and pick up enough of the language to run a small business and earn a living, is that still insufficient? Legally demanding that they learn enough language to argue with you on this forum is impractical but also unconstitutional. The Constitution does not choose a language. Well, It was understood to be English, you say? Yeah, of course "every man" was equally well understood to be White and male. Let's face it. Asians and Hispanics are part of Gwinnett as much as Italian and Mexican food is part of American cuisine. Lastly, our county only provides free translators for cases facing possible jail time. These immigrants are 'AMERICA,' too! Embrace it, or spend your life complaining.