davidjohnson2013 2 years, 4 months ago

Rinehart is not at odds with the school system. He loves being a Gwinnett County school teacher and as a National Guardsman would never be at odds with those in authority over him. I noticed a great outpouring of love from the teachers in Gwinnett County and started making inquiries on the local and state level as to how their offerings of donated vacation hours might be granted. I look forward to speaking at the school board meeting on Thursday night and working with the officials there to find a way for Mark to be with Hannah as she battles to overcome her catastrophic illness. Thank you Gwinnett County teachers and everyone for taking notice of Hannah's plight. The Lord is good.

David Johnson (Hannah's brother)


kwhite 2 years, 4 months ago

David, good luck to you this evening at the board meeting. I actually sent the reporter that followed Aimee Copeland's story to see if she could help with some publicity on this sweet couple as well!!!! Being a native of Gwinnett I hope that the Board and the community stick together and help our own!


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