datruth 3 years, 5 months ago on Football coach investigated for alleged recruiting violations

Robert's family has been in the same home since 7th grade - which is in the Archer district. Like many students, he sought a permissive transfer to continue attending Grayson - that is allowed by the county, so if you don't like that take it up with them, not the teenager. Robert does not live with the coach, nor did he during the championship game. There's more to the story (as is often the case) than what needs to explained to folks like you. Perhaps you should stick to what you know rather than delving into a young man's family life - none of which would be relevant to anyone if he were not a well publicized football player. No recruiting needed to be done with Robert since he has played in the Grayson program since 7th grade. For all you stone throwers, you'll find that to be the case with most of the Grayson boys. My son is in the same boat - played through Grayson's GFL from 3rd grade on, and applied for a permissive transfer because Archer opened AFTER he entered high school. Yes, we've had a couple of move-ins, and yes we have our share of permissive transfers, but all of that is on the up-and-up. Typical democrats...justify your own wrongdoing and start pointing fingers to defray the negative attention you earned.