cwkimbro 1 year, 6 months ago on Crime down over past five years in Gwinnett Place area

But there is a flaw here. The police only give stats of crimes as they are reported, but the police don't give stats of the economic vitality of each area. Those are two completely separate things.

Truth is we have 3 malls and 2 major shopping centers (avenue & Forum). We are overretailed. There is too much inventory, so the weakest link goes under.

If we never built the Mall of GA. Most people would probably think GP would be much nicer... but that is because most of the money spent there wouldn't have left the area like it did. Money originally left not because of crime, but because there was something newer, bigger, and better not too far away. Owned by the same company, nonetheless.


cwkimbro 1 year, 6 months ago on Bus system to receive state funds

So does the cost of building a road or highway both in ongoing maintenance and in paying off the upfront capital cost over time.

So we have to compare the 2 cost between bus capacity used vs. expansion capacity. This is one case where the transit solution is actually cheaper.


cwkimbro 1 year, 6 months ago on Bus system to receive state funds

This takes the equivalent of one extra lane of traffic at peak rush hours off the road across long stretches, which is about 1800 cars per hour per lane...before the flow of traffic stops flowing before congestion.

It is way cheaper compared to the cost of building and maintaining a single new lane into the city.

Then the Gwinnett Express buses carry the equivalent of another 1/3-1/2 lane at peak rush hour.

I say we support this, as long as the express buses fill up or at least close to fill up.


cwkimbro 1 year, 6 months ago on LETTERS: New title tax a bad deal


You are getting some things right and some things confused.

The sales tax already existed and is being replaced with this tax. That means the tax is only going up $200 and it eliminates the ad valorem tax on the life of the car.

If you buy new and hold on to your car for years this is a huge tax decrease.


cwkimbro 1 year, 6 months ago on Metro area gas prices on the rise

It happened under Comrade Bush's watch too.

Give us a break! You people are insane.


cwkimbro 1 year, 6 months ago on Crime down over past five years in Gwinnett Place area

Whats with all the Debbie Downers!?!

Geez, just because the area isn't what it once was or all shiny and new doesn't mean it can't have an improvement on some metrics like crime.

and Mack, your opinion is almost well-made. The main problem I have is why the mall itself, particularly the shops between anchors are struggling, businesses in the whole area are coming back...even if they are more ethnic. At street level the area is just as busy as it ever was.

We also need to realize most crimes aren't centered on the mall itself, but the whole area where there are lots of strip malls and tons of apartments where people actually live. With the rental market... they are full or near full.

I think the two real reasons are: 1) increased patrolling by private security that was targeting the areas hardest hit by crime. 2) Increasing apartment rents (and this is no small thing).

With the housing bubble burst in 2007 rents have been going up, even around Gwinnett Place. While many still don't want to live in the apartments in the area, I think it has priced out the lowest element most likely to cause crimes and domestic disturbances in the area.


cwkimbro 1 year, 7 months ago on Georgia Gwinnett College facing budget cuts, furloughs

@ggcmom, I too was a bit confused by your opinion. I think the problem is what you have characterized of the school has been true since year 2. It has been constantly growing and constantly trying to keep up, but that is also what made it is today for your child. For there to be space for your child... someone could have made the same arguments just 3 years ago that wouldn't have made room for them. To me the main difference now is your child is already there, but I know there is still more unmet demand for the school to meet.

The reason GGC is growing like it is, is simply because it was long overdue. The demand was there and previously ignored in big numbers before it was built. KSU is a great comparison it got to grow up with Cobb and it is a smaller county. The main reason GGC seems to be having financial trouble is the funding formulas are troublesome for any school with any rapid growth (or rapid decrease for that matter).

Education is important, but it is only important for those it can reach. That will always increase the pressure to meet demand.


cwkimbro 1 year, 7 months ago on Proposal would take fees off tax bills

Well My problem with the legislation is it RAISES cost to government and taxpayers, even though it is posited as an anti-tax measure. It is not well thought out pure and simple.

Like it or not the trash fee is there... There difference is the county will have to send out secondary mailers and increase cost... in other words its more inefficient. Stop trying to use state law to fix things that should matter to local voters and local politicians!


cwkimbro 1 year, 8 months ago on Ga. 316 project one-third complete

I partially agree, but at the end of the day that is on us as voters and tax payers too. I'm not saying what the right way has to be, but we have to have the backbone to fund stuff better if want to get more done faster. That is ultimately the issue. They are making do with what funds are available at the most important places first.

Nonetheless, this should help. The answer is in light timing. Highway 20 carries many more cars than the other intersections, because of this the light sequence has to take longer, which backs up traffic more on all roads at the intersection. While other lights exist, it is a smaller amount of traffic and the lights can cycle faster and keep 316 moving that much longer. This is probably why they also don't want to add turn signals... extra time. That and the sheer majority of traffic in the area can turn left easily via Cedars Rd (from the south) and Harbins Rd and Hurricane Shoals Trail (from the north).


cwkimbro 2 years, 1 month ago on LETTERS: Trying to come to terms with Chick-fil-A controversy

???? Ummm....

The first amendment gives people a right to free speech. It does -NOT- give anyone a right to prevent people from boycotting them, because of their speech. That is the free speech right of the other people. The is the whole essence of how free speech works. People are entitled to their beliefs and are allowed to voice them if they choose to do so, but they doesn't mean others will like what they have to say and that doesn't mean others won't react to it.

To think any less is nothing short of wishful thinking.