cranberries 2 years, 9 months ago on MCCULLOUGH: Thankful for hospital's angels

Nate, I have lived in Gwinnett for 14 years, and my children, husband and I have been to Gwinnett Medical quite a few times over the years. We have always been well-treated and received excellent care. So glad we have a first-class hospital in our county, and so glad you received good news. We can all be thankful that we have our new heart center! Be well.


cranberries 3 years, 7 months ago on Real test for I-85 toll lanes comes Monday

Ms. Miller and Ms. Evans are hoping that we will conveniently forget that the very purpose of carpooling is to behave in a more environmentally-friendly manner. This lovely new setup (sarcasm intended) does nothing but let those jerks who cheated anyway pay to use the carpool lane, forces some of the existing carpoolers into the more-congested regular lanes, and ultimately lengthens our commutes. Once again, this is about the almighty tax dollar, and not about getting MORE CARS OFF THE ROAD and improving our quality of life. Seriously, they didn't even have the good grace to put an HOT entrance at the Discover Mills park and ride!!! Complete bull.