commonsensewarrior 2 years, 5 months ago on Attorney: Driveway murder suspect assumed he was in danger

We have multiple victims here: Unfortunately, we have a dead young man. We also have a 69 year old who has never been convicted of anything, that claims he was protecting his house. The young man's friends side of the story. Their GPS system got them lost and they were turning around in this man's driveway. They told a local news channel they were looking for a friends house. The police report says they were going skating. The only skating rink nearby closes at midnight. This is when this took place. So what is the real story? The older gentleman was not standing outside when they pulled into his driveway. So he noticed them from inside the house. How long were they in the driveway before he came out initially. Did he say anything to them before he went back in the house for his gun? How long did it take for him to get his gun? How long does it take to turn around in the driveway? I could see them sitting in the driveway looking up directions before they turned around. Unfortunately, I could see how them sitting there for a period of time would be unnerving to this 69 year old. Especially after a break in at his mother in laws next door recently. This is why I feel there are multiple victims here.