cibjr1964 2 years, 4 months ago on Kaufman leaving GGC to head Chamber

The say ignorance is bliss, but it can also be pretty ugly at times which is the case here. First off Kevin, it's 'bigger salary', not 'bugger salary'. That being said - a can of worms you say? GGC has grown from 100+ students in 2006 to 9000+ in 2012. GGC first opened with three buildings - A, B and C. Now it has a library, student center, student dormitories, a fitness center, student athletic fields, intercollegiate athletics (men/women’s soccer, men/women's tennis, and baseball), a state of the art athletic complex and Allied Health building - both of which are under construction (not to mention buildings A, B and C). Let's not forget that at GGC’s inception, there were three degree programs and now there are 12 with over 40 different concentrations. Still looking like a can of worms? Now let's talk about 'they are heavy in debt'. Because of the NATIONAL debt, every state in the nation feels the effect. Georgia is one of the few states that cannot sign in a new budget with a negative balance, as such budgetary cuts are necessary across the board every year and education is one of the first to be affected. This is to say that ALL colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia are significantly affected as it pertains to their individual annual budgets. So yes, GGC did not receive all that was requested in the current budget (but no school ever does), and it had more taken away by the state which was not anticipated. To lump these issues into an uninformed ‘they are heavy in debt’ is – as I put – ignorant, which sums up your entire post.