chipperjones 1 year, 8 months ago on SPORTS STORIES OF THE YEAR: A look at Gwinnett's top headlines

If other state winners are included in the Top Stories list, then why no mention of the Providence baseball team? And yet you included the Georgia Force folding? It was the 1st state boys title in the school's history and the last game played as the Stars.


chipperjones 2 years, 4 months ago on Providence takes down defending state champion Hebron

While I greatly appreciate the usually excellent high school baseball coverage provided by the GDP, you missed the mark with this story. Christen Stewart is definitely one of the best baseball players in Gwinnett and has greatly contributed to Providence's success. However, neither he nor his pursuit of the home run record were relevant to Providence's sweep of Hebron. Erich Stahl, Steven Slaughter, and Providence's defense were the story of the game. Stahl and Slaughter should have been featured/interviewed. You missed a great opportunity to give these two young men some well deserved recognition for their efforts on Tuesday.