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ccmcclurg 2 years, 4 months ago

The rationale of the "ends justify the mean," is a dangerous mentality when it comes to government policy and activity. The analysis should begin with "what is the statutory or constitutional authority for this action/expenditure." Too often we have elected officials who fail to understand the limits of their authority. The Gwinnett Solid Waste Ordinance and Chamber funding are prime examples of our elected representatives being improperly influenced (and quite honestly, outsmarted) by select members of the private sector.

What is particular disheartening is that these representatives are completely oblivious to the outrage and anger expressed by their constituents. As a former CPA and Chief Financial Officer of a public company, if I presented to my BOD a single one page excel spreadsheet to justify the expenditure of millions of dollars, I would be summarily excused from my employment. Try that at your job and see how that is received.

The Chamber suit is simply about information and ensuring that taxpayer dollars are being spent lawfully. Only then can we begin to debate the advisability of such expenditures.


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