catperson2 3 years, 7 months ago

I feel the airport citizen review committee could do the only thing feasible and that is disband since they weren't getting the reports in a timely manner to give an honest response concerning something that is going to truly impact this county. I just wish people who are hellbent on making this a commercial venture would come around this area when traffic is at it's worst and then say we need a 2nd regional airport, when we don't. We haven't even solved the traffic situation on I-85, let alone 316, so what makes this airport that important that it has to be a mini-Hartsfield? I don't buy into the "growing" for the future with this airport, making everything some how "magical" happen if it was privatized. And I'm especially leery that none of my tax money won't find it's way into this idiotic project, get real folks, we will be on the hook if this project goes forward and then turns into a bust.

If it's such a great idea, why not put this airport thing on a ballot and let all the citizens of Gwinnett vote on it. What is there to lose?


catperson2 3 years, 6 months ago

Homeowners living near the airport should think about getting together for a class action suit against the county if they proceed with making the airport commercial. I will gladly add my name and money to help hire a lawyer if this thing continues to go forward. I could use a couple of million dollars in my pocket.


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