castanley 2 years, 4 months ago on Gingrich could draw GOP ire on immigration

Newt is the only GOP candidate that has the guts to talk about an immigration policy. A lot of the media is leaving out the fact that he also said those that have not been in the US for 20 to 25 years and have roots, would be deported. He also said that this would occur AFTER the border is secured. I am not in favor of amnesty myself, however, after hearing Newts logic, it makes sense that we cannot round up 12 million people and ship them out. And, I as a grandmother of 4 cannot imagine having to leave the country where my children and grandchildren (who would be leagal because if born here you are automatically a US citizen) reside. That would be immoral and inhumane to split families apart. The other thing he said was "NO CITIZENSHIP". Four years ago, Romney spoke on "Meet the Press" and said that we would have to find a path to citizenship for these people. He is criticizing Newt now for what he said. Newt makes more sense than any one of the candidates. And, he says what he believes and makes no apologies. That shows principal, character and honesty. Something lacking in the White House at the moment.