booster 2 years, 5 months ago on DOT opens second lane on Highway 20

Better yet, State 20 already goes all the way to I-75 north and beyond. Widen it all the way. to I-75. That would vastly reduce the long-haul traffic load that is now present on I-85 to I-285 to I-75 north.. Put a speed limit of not less than 60mph on the route. Don't allow any local school be constructed on the route that would be having the locals demanding a reduced speed limit in the area. Reduce the number of stop lights. Go around any town State 20 now passes thru, which is very few. That would go a long way to solving the current trucker traffic going north, and would be a way for DOT to establish the corridor it had to give up some years ago because the of "green" folks getting bent out of shape over the project.


booster 2 years, 5 months ago on O'REILLY: Decision 2012's 'issues' bore me

The latest phrase....."I ask you to keep believing in me". We do.!!!! We believe the debt crisis is real and you are, in a massive way, adding to it. We believe in the Congress' constant, never ending raid on the Social Security fund we pay robbing our children. We believe when you became President your wife stated clearly, a racial undertone!!! "For the first time in my life, I am proud to be an American". We believe you double speak simply to impress the moment, and gain favor; that is, compare your candidacy to your incombency on the same subject matter. We believe Obamacare will be a vast, overbearing, un-sustainable financial burden that will be the lench-pin to your creeping socialism agenda. We believe you strongly support the Democratic mantra, "Tax more, spend more". We believe you are not about America. We believe you are about me, me, me, and more me!!!. We believe your Labor Dept is skewing the books to make it appear the economy is getting better under your watch, when it isn't. I'm stopping. The thought of all this and much, much more is making me sick.