boomersmom 2 years, 3 months ago on Woman arrested for spanking customer's child

I too worked retail during high school in the 80's and a mother always cam to my store and let her kids run wild in the store. I once found them in the back storage room and went back there to run them out only to get cussed out by the mother. My store manager sent me back there to make them leave and then when the mother cussed me out he did not even stand up for me. I only worked there for a few more months.

Kids today have no respect for anyone and their parents do not care what they do as long as they are not bothering them. I hate to even imagine how the future is going to be. Who is to blame for all this besides the parents.....the government. They have created it now that it is child abuse if you pop your child on his behind. I am the first to believe that there are parents who go overboard with discipline but folks in my childhood if I got in trouble at school I first got a paddling on my backside from the principal or teacher then a spanking from not just my mom but my dad as well. I never got into trouble at school because I had a fear of getting into trouble at home. Kids today have no fear, no respect, and no parents who really care what they are doing and we wondered why the prisons are so full. Look at the age of most of the inmates and you will see that they were born in decades when spanking your children became illegal.