blueyesol 8 months, 1 week ago on Teen charged in accident that took father's life

It is so easy for people to get on here and make speculations about what happened, the law and what kind of young man Amadi is...standing on your pulpit and looking down on the situation and making your judgments or own interpretations! For those that have NO IDEA what truly happened or what details are surrounded around the events, but I guess that's what these blog comment feeds are allow people to come to their own conclusions about the law, details of the accident, or the circumstances around why he would of gotten behind the wheel of the car if he didn't have a license.

I know in my heart and experiences with the Stephens family that they were just like many of us. They had a strong bond and love for one another and struggled with the same things in life that I am sure many of those that are making these comments.

The amazing thing is that once again, Amadi, his brother and sister will overcome this adversity and great things are in store for them! God Bless them and I pray for them everyday! Go Eagle community or anyone else for that fact that wants to be a positive influence in their lives!


blueyesol 1 year, 6 months ago on Arrests, injuries few in brawl after high school football game

The first sentence of this article is misleading... "Moments after Collins Hill High School students rushed the home football turf of rival Peachtree Ridge on Friday night, a brawl involving about 150 students broke out,"

The CH students did rush the field, but the brawl happened in the parking lot at the top of the hill simultaneously, not on the football field where the students were and, immediately after patting the football players on the back they left the field. There were NO incidents on the field from the CH student section.

Additionally, the statement in this article "Though a PA announcer warned against it, the Collins Hill student body rushed the field when the final whistle was blown about 9:45 p.m." I guess I should pull the film up from last year where the Peachtree Ridge kids rushed the field when they won...

Actions like the kids rushing the field or planting a tree with cement in the base on the 50-yard line are good clean one is injured. It just amazes me how the media reports one sided info when both of the student bodies were responsible for the antics that went on that night!