bluegasky 3 years, 1 month ago on Clint Eastwood mocked for Republican appearance

I could have said the same thing about ex- Pres. Bush Jr., no balanced budget, the borders wide open, holding people in Guantanomo without trial/water boarding too, and remember Vodoo Economics and Trickly Down theory- sure didn't work. So who do you trust? Heck here is Dirty Harry speaking and Romney wants to cut funding to the National Endowment for the Arts. Where would his movies be without Music? You have to vote for the guy who will help you. I have college kids who need loans, I need a job, have no medical insurance because it cost to much, can't move because you can't sell a house, college debts. and two sick elderly parents with pre-existing conditions who I care for every day. Will one job even cover it all?


bluegasky 3 years, 1 month ago on School system defends coach after prayer complaint

Prayer at public events is becoming out dated. In the same case so is swearing on the Bible in front of a judge, as if that made anyone not lie. Belonging to a country excepting all religous believes this is very un-American discluding and defining what our children should believe. This couch may have been taught, that his God will support all the players during this event- if they just pray. Where does that leave a child who might believe in a diferrent God, or none at all- atheist. You have now left out part of your team! Yes, Gwinnett County is growing if you haven't noticed. We aren't all Black and White, or all have Christian backgrounds. We are the great mix of America. Lets enjoy our personnel beliefs at home. Just "Rally up the troups", as they say, for a good game.


bluegasky 3 years, 5 months ago on Father: Woman with flesh-eating bug is bored, wants book

Were hoping the best for you Aimee! My daughter is graduating from South Gwinnett H.S. next week and starts at West GA College in the Fall, she is a kindred spirit. Aimee everyone in your good old High School is reading your progress reports like you were a sister. Keep fighting, breathing, Snellville, GA., cares, and is praying.