be0wulf 2 years, 5 months ago on HOT lanes set record Tuesday morning

Does the price actually matter to people? It does not seem to affect it from what I can tell. If you're already willing to pay $5 to ride it, what is another dollar? Oooh that's too much I can't afford my $1 coffee at McDonald's then? Nah, make it bigger, much bigger. As someone who properly used the original HOV lanes for a carpool, and still does now for a free fare, I'd love nothing better than to see those lanes go back to what they were originally inserted for. If some hotshot lawyer wants to pay $100 to ride the lane too, why not, but make the fees ridiculous and try to actually convince people to carpool...will be only way traffic congestion will ever lighten.


be0wulf 2 years, 6 months ago on Dacula driver killed in collision with semi

Wow...looks like this Mr. Barrett fella has run into trouble here in county before. Charge of suspended CDL. Now if this holds he may be responsible for killing someone...


be0wulf 2 years, 6 months ago on Residents complain about noise from nearby church

As a member of the church that formerly occupied the building, Crossroads, I can say that for the most part we had a good relationship with the neighbors. Sunday services were the primary use for us, and it was pretty loud (but not above the 95 db limit Mr. Griffin refers to). You can definitely hear it in the surrounding neighborhoods, and we were cognizant of that, especially for evening activities (youth group, etc.) Occasionally we'd get a complaint and we'd make sure to adjust to it. But even then we rarely had activities run past 10 pm, much different from the 24/7 operation IHOP runs. They seemed nice from my interaction with them as we transitioned the building to them.

Yes it has a metal roof...interesting they seem to be putting the blame on that. It's been that way since we built it, and is quite obvious (you can see it inside!), as it also was when the building was purchased. Back in the mid-90s, incidentally before most of the houses in the area. Not that it gives IHOP justification for 24-hour noise issues, but if one moves that close to a church you'd have to expect to hear it occasionally. I suppose that is the key to all of this...occasionally. 24-hour prayer services are great and commendable...but is music always necessary for prayer? Or just use a small radio during that time, rather than the full sound system.