baileyfan 3 years, 3 months ago on THE BLITZ: The view is nice at the top of the mountain

Made up calls? Give me a break. Maybe Mill Creek get penalized so much because they commit so many penalties. In last years game Mill Creek had 13 penalties in the first half. I guess those officials cheated too? Mill Creek is the cockiest football team that has had only one good season. If whining and excuse making counted they would be National Champs. Give me break and take the loss with a little class. Opps, I forgot you can't but class, my bad.


baileyfan 3 years, 3 months ago on Mountain View stuns Mill Creek in region opener

I guess it didn't matter that Mill Creek actually DID commit all those penalties and many more? Give me a break. It is what it is. Mill Creek did not take Mountain View seriously and panicked. I am a Mill Creek parent and I knew the result would happen and the excuses would follow. Mountain View outplayed them - bottom line.