b06gda 2 years, 2 months ago on WILL'S WORLD: How big a hit will boys high school soccer take?

Collins Hill actually has 6 academy players that could return for the 2013 season, but I doubt any will. Anyhow, their representation is the exception rather than the rule. I don't think HS soccer, Collins hill notwithstanding, will take the hit most think it will. Most schools in Gwinnett won't be affected this season, and we're really only talking about 80 players total spread across at least double the amount schools. Most schools will be unaffected, some, by a player or 2 at most. By and large, you will see what you've seen over the years, save for the rare playoff match up featuring several academy players. The HS game will be fine, as they are plenty of high level players left to go around.