Tiger_holla 2 years, 6 months ago on Hydrant maintenance helps ensure safety

WOW !!! I can't believe they put a picture in the paper of 4 of them working on one hydrant. Typical one doing the work while others stand around and watch. I guess this is why it cost 680,000 to maintain them. Tax dollars at work.


Tiger_holla 2 years, 6 months ago on District spends $63.5 million on new high school

Not sure why we need another High School. Maybe we should look at redrawing the current lines of the school districts we have. Some of our high schools have space for more kids.


Tiger_holla 2 years, 6 months ago on Police: Youth sports funds used for concert tickets, car payments

As a person who was heavily involved in starting up another Athletic Association everyone needs to understand that these are run by volunteers. You are only as good as the volunteers that you have. Usually it is a small group of key people trying to do everything. Then you have others in these associations that just want to sit back and throw stones because things are not getting done. All parents need to get involved if they want things done right. I promise you these associations will not turn away people who truly want to volunteer and help these associations get things done. I think the county should step in and have more dealings with day to day operations of these types of Athletic Association. Maybe the county should put in place strict guidelines on the financials and reporting them to the county. If the association can’t provide this type of accountability then the county should not allow them to use the facilities. If Mountain View does not have any money I wonder how they are going to pay back the county for the press box that they funded for them over at the multipurpose field. With all of this said I hope that Gwinnett County makes an example out of this clown and they give him the maximum penalty. Good luck MVAA on moving forward and recovering from this.