TheoNash 2 years, 5 months ago on 6 vie for 2 Lawrenceville City Council seats

Again this "news" outlet has failed to report the whole story in order to protect one of their political golden boys. Bob Clark served on city council in 2008 and voted for expanding the airport. He approved a plan to build a second runway, build a commuter rail station at Cedars Rd to service the airport, annexing property surrounding the airport, and upgrading the existing airport runway to allow heavier aircraft. That all sounds pretty much like airport expansion to me and was supported by the entire city council in 2008. Also, the paper has completely failed to cover the recent city audit and the fact that Bob Clark and PK Martin claim to have led city council in that mess. When candidates send out mailers saying they "led efforts to bring accountability to city services" like Bob has and bragging about a manufactured record like PK is; these two should be ashamed to even admit they were part of this mess, much less leading it. Clark and Martin need credit for all the neglect, lack of oversight, government waste, and over $3 million in wasted tax dollars that occurred under his "leadership."