ThePeople 1 year, 7 months ago on Woman arrested at Parkview graduation after fighting with cops

Strong I was present at this turn of event, Mrs. White was simply pleading with the administrators to enter the ceremony, she was not loud or causing a scene. She arrived at the graduation a little after 8 and found that the stadium was full. I was among the crowd that was turned away from the gate and forced to go to the back entrance of the stadium. She, unlike the rest of us, had a 'Home Side' ticket to the graduation and was questioning why she was unable to enter the celebration. The administrators claimed that the stadium was 'too crowded' , after seeing several of attendees exiting the gates, she then proceeded to ask if it was okay if she could now enter the bleachers and was again turned away. After seeing MORE people leaving she asked again and explained to the gentleman that her sister had no one in the stands to cheer her on, she reasoned with the gentleman and asked them 'what if it were their children out there'. She also asked the gentleman if it were okay if her daughter, who exited the bleachers only to direct her mother to their seats, could go in and her sister could at least have one person in the crowd cheering her on, Again the administrators said no, Ms. White turned away and let it be, moments later a cop got the attention of Ms. White and asked 'Do we have a problem'. Ms. White responded 'I'm not sure, do we?'. The cop, stirring back up the drama, provoked administrators to say that Ms. White was not allowed on the premises. Ms. White, still pleading her case, was roughly grabbed by the arm, handcuffed, and pushed out of the stadium. Ms. White constantly asked why she was being arrested and was not answered. I also asked myself this question and watched as the police mistreated Ms. White. So as you all are commenting hurtful things you need to hear both sides of the story. You are hearing this third-hand from a reporter whom mostly likely was not at the event. I would also like to state that Ms. White was in a dress and had no carrying bag, therefore it is not possible that she had '14 ounces' of marijuana on her person. This was one of those moments where you just had to be there. Also a member of Ms. White's party has video evidence of this altercation and you'll will be hearing a lot more of this situation.