SvilleChef 2 years, 4 months ago on Boy threatens to kill classmates with knife

I saw this story on channel 2 and was hoping that the GDP would print the details. The WSB report said that the mom had not contacted the school. I sounds like rather than contacting the school to investigate the situation, she went to the media instead. That tells me everything I need to know about this mom and this situation.
My son was a special needs student in a Gwinnett school up until last year when he graduated. The last 3 years he was there, he was in a class with another special needs student who did this very same thing, threatened his classmates at times. During conferences, us parents of other students in the class were told of this along with other challenges that this student presented.
All the things you folks are discussing go out the window if the student who made the threat is a special needs student. I know plenty of other special needs parents who will get a lawyer in a heartbeat if the special needs of their student aren't taken into account in the special needs classroom they are in when things like this occur.
In this story, this student is a regular ed student that I am guessing was threatened by a special needs student. The mom didn't take the time to get details from the school and this type of info can't be released by the school or the county. So we will probably never know the details.
So withhold your judgement and harsh comments of the school and the school system. I'm sure they handled the situation the best they could, otherwise, the student who made the threats would no longer be at the school. Get the facts before you render your harsh judgements!