Suwaneelover 3 years ago on Library board votes down bookmark advertising

As was reported in the Post last month, for every dollar the bookmark advertising program brought in, it cost the library three dollars. In other words, rather than making money for the library, it was costing the library, actually Gwinnett County taxpayers, money. Tax money was being used to subsidize low-cost advertising for a few lucky businesses. That couldn't go on. The board understood that and acted in the best interests of the library and the taxpayers of Gwinnett. So, who is arrogant? And who's the moron?


Suwaneelover 3 years, 1 month ago on Sugar Hill City Hall construction coming along

Public buildings are a part of what makes a city, a city. It's the identity that goes with the quality services and amenities that distinguishes a "city" from the unincorporated county.


Suwaneelover 3 years, 1 month ago on Hilscher to be named to Suwanee's city council

You've all got to be kidding. By every measure possible Suwanee residents love Suwanee and are very happy with their government. Money Magazine has twice ranked it among the best small cities in America and this year Kiplinger Magazine ranked it third in the nation as the best place to raise children.

Suwanee's citizens vote for council members who share the idea that quality amenities like great parks, interesting events, citizen involvement, and close, responsive government makes a great place to live or have business. In fact, with its commitment to get things done for its citizens, Suwanee's government is functioning the way most people WISH the U,S, Congress worked. It focuses on getting stuff done. People with contrary views can and do run for Suwanee city council and regularly get defeated by large margins because the citizens don't share those views. They like what we've got and want to keep it and make it better.


Suwaneelover 3 years, 2 months ago on Library board butts heads over bookmark ad project


If they weren't having to deal with processing bookmark sales and stuffing the bookmarks in thousands of books at 15 branches they'd have time to do the jobs they were hired to do. In case you haven't noticed, over the last three years the library has had to reduce hours from over 70 to just over 40 per week because it doesn't have the money to pay for a staff to keep the doors open any more than that. So instead of using those few people they do have to provide library services, staff is being taken away from their primary library duties to sell and handle bookmark advertising. The library staff is plenty busy just delivering the services we expect as patrons. If they have to also take care of bookmarks, something else is not going to get done. The $15,000 represents, in part, the value of their time that they're not spending doing their jobs as librarians. Doesn't sound like a good deal to me.