Summer2013 2 years, 4 months ago on Kaufman leaving GGC to head Chamber

Recalll the GCC "budget" issue in February 2013? It was odd that the governor--though I support his decision--said the college had to cut its budget by 2.8 million four months before the end of the fiscal year. Would the governor do this without support from the University System? Some suggest that Dr. Kaufman's departure is related to this. Also, Mr. Woolfe comments above that after a nation-wide search and after interviewing four candidates, he realized that the best person for the job was his friend and neightbor, Daniel Kaufman, who apparently did not even apply for the job when it was posted. Too bad Mr. Woolfe didn't realize this sooner before the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce spent money on a national search. It's all very odd though it suggests that Dr. Kaufman may have needed a job ASAP--before his contract expired with the USG July 1.