SugarHillResident 2 years, 7 months ago on Sugar Hill City Hall construction coming along

A few thoughts:

Isn't this really keeping up with 'Jonses'?
Seems this is city office envy: see Duluth, Buford, Suwanee. The economy is in the dumper, people are screaming for less federal government and we are building an $15.5 million project for city hall (!?!)

What is the budget for furnishings?

What is the cost per head per City of Sugar Hill resident? ($820 per resident based on a population of 18,980 from the latest census. The cost per household?

There is a good bit of vacant commercial space that could be rented for a 'song' in the county. Look around; this is just about the only new construction going on. I know city hall was very modest for years, but this is a small city and the County provides most services.