Sorry_it_came_to_this 3 years, 5 months ago on Residents flood commission meeting to talk about airport

BufordToo must not have lived here in 1994 when the airport commercialization was overwhelmingly defeated. The people who moved to the area since then had every expectation that this issue would not be revived. The area was highly populated in 1994, and much more now. BufordToo is way out of line to blame homeowners for moving near the airport. I wonder how BufordToo would feel if the rail line he wanted went right through his backyard? Do unto others...


Sorry_it_came_to_this 3 years, 6 months ago on High school graduation rate falls to 67 percent

High Schools need to have a general diploma and vocational programs for kids who aren't going to college. We need to get rid of the Gateway tests in high school - the ones that keep kids from graduating or moving on. The pressures to make kids perform like they all have 125-IQ's is only making them drop out with very little hope of doing anything else. So what that you gave out a general diploma? At least they stayed in school and didn't join a gang.


Sorry_it_came_to_this 3 years, 6 months ago on Hill: Don't privatize or schedule flights at Briscoe Field

According to the FAA's document on the economic benefit of airports, the direct benefit of the airport can only include LOCAL benefit. Thus, a ticket sale of $600 which goes to the corporate coffers of an airline cannot be counted. The largest part of a direct benefit would be the salaries created by airport jobs. According to the FAA, an airport with 1 million arriving passengers (not including transfers) would create 650 airport jobs.

According to the FAA, there would be NO INDIRECT benefit created because of Briscoe Field. Indirect Benefit would be jobs like restaurant jobs, hotel jobs etc. According to the FAA, a quotient of less than 1 using the following formula means NO INDIRECT BENEFIT: (Arriving Passengers - Transfers) / (Metro population served by the airport).

Assuming generously 1 million arriving passengers in a year divided by the metro population of Gwinnett County, Barrow, South Hall and South Jackson of 1.5 million yields a quotient of .667.

SO, where did the 20,000 jobs come from???? How about 650 jobs, maybe, assuming the best. And that's if you could even get 1 million passengers in a year at an airport that has no takers from the existing commercial airlines. 650 jobs using the most generous estimates in return for destroying the quality of life for the heart of the county - for destroying property values - for destroying the cities of Dacula, Auburn, Lawrenceville and other unicorporated areas. Not worth it - not even close.


Sorry_it_came_to_this 4 years ago on Transition begins to HOT lanes on I-85

Where were all you folks when they had the public hearings three years ago? Not with me, because I was there (with just a handfull of other people) speaking to the head of the state agency in charge of this debacle and telling him:

1) These lanes will only be affordable to the rich and those who have critical appointments they can't afford to miss. His reply to me: "Well, they do call them Lexus lanes in other cities." Gee, that's comforting. You create a ridiculously expensive toll in the middle of a recession. Sorry, I don't have a spare $2,000+ dollars to spend this year. The poor working schmucks will have to suffer.

2) This new toll lane will put more cars on the road because all the 2-person car pools have no incentive to car pool any more. I often ride in the HOV lane with another rider. Have you ever noticed how many of the cars have exactly two occupants? I would say at least 90+ percent. More cars, more pollution.

Then he told me: "It's not about the money, it's about traffic flow." I wanted to say "You are a liar", but I instead said, "Traffic flow will be worse." We'll see. We will see.

But anyway, where were all you concerned citizens during the public hearings? Like where are you citizens who should be fighting this financial disaster of an airport they are looking at for Briscoe Field? You are at home watching TV. My goodness, you can't miss the latest episode of NCIS. Something important might happen to Gibbs. Can't miss that.