SomeLady 3 years, 9 months ago on FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I want to occupy Wall Street. It looks like fun.

All one needs to do is watch the live feeds, news, check out the photos, etc. to realize that it's not just and unruly bunch of "unwashed young people" participating in this movement. U.S. Veterans, regular middle class folks, and older Americans are all well represented in the crowds. Yes, there are some "young dirty hippy-looking" types as well, but it's certainly inaccurate to paint the tens of thousands of participants across the country (and world) with that brush. So let's start by acknowledging that this is in fact a movement by ordinary Americans, our neighbors and friends, and stop referring to them using derogatory terms. Let's be decent human beings treating our fellow human beings with respect. We're all in this together.

The biggest complaint of the Occupiers is the power that the big banks that got bailed out with our money (as well as big pharma and big oil) hold over our representatives. Legislation continues to benefit the profits of these companies, while in turn these companies raise our fees, pollute our environment, send jobs overseas and basically do whatever they please with impunity. They turn the screws on hard-working people just trying to make ends meet, in an economy that they played a big part in screwing up. Banks that are "too big to fail" have too much power in our government, have gambled irresponsibly with our money, ruined our economy, and we need to do something about it. The Occupiers would like to see some accountability, which certainly we can all agree on. A good start would be to reinstate Glass-Steagall, and find a way to prevent banks from ever becoming "too big to fail."

Try listening to the larger message. Try checking out a variety of news sources and viewpoints before making a judgment. Just like there were "fringe elements" at the Tea Party rallies holding Obama-Hitler signs, there are going to be some "fringe elements" at the Occupy movement asking for their student loan debt to magically disappear. That's not representative of either movement, and not a very fair example to base an opinion on. My crazy hope is that the Tea Party and the Occupiers will find some common ground and work together - We definitely all have a common goal - where everyone has a chance at the American Dream through hard work.