Skimmer90 2 years, 7 months ago

Kevin, Many of the Hispanic students can communicate verbally in their native tongue. However, they experience challenges when it comes to 'proper use of the language'. Many have challenges when it comes to the written language including proper sentence structure and other formalized usages. By having the native speakers participate in language classes, they can merge their verbal skills with the reasons, rules, and formal parts of their language to develop a well rounded understanding. This allows them to know the hows and whys as well as prepare them for life outside of their ethnic communities. Hopefully, it encourages them to assimilate or better participate in our society. Regards...


Skimmer90 2 years, 1 month ago

If the Falcons what a new stadium, then they can pay for the damn thing. Not a single taxpayer dollar should ever be used for a stadium anywhere. Taxpayers get the short end of every single case such as this. The jobs never materialize. The surrounding development is all smoke any mirror pipe dreams and theories that again rarely ever come to fruition. Say NO to any stadium deal that requires one dollar of public funding of ANY kind.


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