Sara56 2 years, 9 months ago on Duluth residents shocked but sympathetic in Lasseter case

Hey, the prostitute wasn't taking tax dollars for her services, was she? And who are you to judge us for judging her? Are we just supposed to let her go after her greedy stupidity? She's no better than anyone else in the jail she's about to go to. If she was so dead broke, where did she get the money to buy the crosses and flags? If I buy some can I get $36K in illegal bribes too? That's a deal!


Sara56 2 years, 9 months ago on Shirley Lasseter resignation letter

Those good ole white boys did not commit a crime. She forgot she was not a part of a club that managed to do their elected duties without illegally profiting from their position. Is that what you meant?


Sara56 2 years, 9 months ago on Shirley Lasseter -- Rise and fall of a down-home dignitary

I'm not understanding the car repair part of the story. She had a $31K job so she was not exactly broke. And what else has she done over the past 14 years? We know she used her city cell phone to make personal calls. Maybe the deal with the prosecutor is to put a cap on further investigations. The article also implies she brought all these new residents and businesses into Gwinnett singlehandedly. It does not state what exactly she did to bring that about. Do other criminals get the same puff piece candy coating treatment? She violated public trust. Throw her sorry dumb money grubbing butt in prison, along with her favorite son. Isn't it amazing how you ruin the child you favor? That alone makes me dislike her. You have 4 children and pick out a favorite. Really.