RyanW 3 years, 11 months ago

Ms. Daisy- I would urge to go visit 12Stone, whether online or in person. I think your view of mega-churches would be changed drastically. As a 12Stoner, my faith has been transformed from one who was "religious" to one who is full practitioner in my faith and relationship with Christ. Just yesterday, 12Stone and 2200 of its members reached out into the community to serve those in and around Gwinnett through our annual Compassion in Action weekend. Not to mention that this Christmas we will be re-launching the Feed 5000 campaign. Where the amazing members of 12Stone donate their time and offerings to feed 5000+ families a Christmas meal as well as food for a week leading up to Christmas.
12Stone is not just a mega-church it is a community of ACTIVE followers of Christ who are not just "customers" of the Christian faith but are "workers" of a faith that offers salvation, care for those in need, and guidance for the lost.
As a 12Stoner I cordially invite you to come visit us. I truly believe once you hear Pastor Kevin teach, currently we are discussing the supernatural power of prayer, you will be transformed to be more open to the vast offerings of a so called mega-church.


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