RosieW 1 year, 10 months ago on Youth volunteers do mission work in Sugar Hill

I am one of the people who has been blessed by World Changers this week. What a fantastic crew of great kids and great adult leaders. The things they accomplished in 3 days is amazing. I'm a senior citizen - it would have taken me months to do this work and a lot of it I couldn't possibly have done. Words cannot express how grateful I am.

Blessed indeed.


RosieW 1 year, 10 months ago on Norcross police confronting cultural barriers

This is a wonderful initiative by the Norcross Police Department. Hats off to them! So many of the Hispanics grew up with police in their home countries being very intimidating. Even in peaceful times, I've seen police in Mexico armed with high powered rifles on routine walking patrol.

Hoping for a followup of the Hispanic Citizens Police Academy. I participated in one in Roswell years ago and got a comprehensive look at what police do, how difficult their jobs can be. Will always remember the required 'ride alongs'.


RosieW 1 year, 10 months ago on Man facing 20 years for stealing $96

All the GDP should have added to the headline is 'ARMED'. This reads like some of the tripe I see in the AJC. Hope the Post will think long and hard about offering solid headlines, not sensationalized ones.


RosieW 1 year, 11 months ago on Gwinnett firefighters offer storm safety tips

Rutledge also said to plan the best actions to assist the elderly and those with disabilities, and to know the safe and proper way to shut off gas, power and water to a home.<

I would really appreciate having this explained better. I know how to turn off the power, have a water key to turn off the water at the main, have no idea how to turn off the gas. What sort of tool is required for this?

Very well written article............appreciate it.


RosieW 2 years ago on Jail dog program celebrates third anniversary

I met a number of the volunteers who were gathered outside the Justice Center for this celebration. How I wished I had driven to court so I could possibly talk my way into taking the tour, meeting more of the wonderful people from our community who have been working with the inmates, volunteering their services, and the inmates who work with the dogs, live with them 24/7. Hope the GDP will write more, promote this more. It is such a marvelous program.

Recommend readers will go to the website


RosieW 2 years ago on Cops: Special needs parapro had sex with student

Sad and disgusting news. Released on a low $ bond. Who in the world would post bond for this perverted woman??


RosieW 2 years ago on Former GDP reporter releases book of short ‘Rhapsodies’

Gwinnett Public Library doesn't have it yet. I hope 'yet' is the operative word.

Josh wrote a wonderful article about my daughter's Little Free Library. I wish Josh great success with this book.


RosieW 2 years ago on Sunday morning storms cause problems across county

I hope someone will explain how lightning can cause a gas leak. I find that very scary.

Prayers and thanks for your service to all our firefighters and police.


RosieW 2 years ago on Work approved for long-awaited Ga. 20 widening

I agree with my Mayor that it will be tough, but very happy that work will be starting soon. Also happy to read that Hwy. 20 will be widened to three lanes in each direction from S. Lee St. to 985.


RosieW 2 years, 4 months ago on Local DUIs add up during New Year's holiday weekend

I get Gwinnett Mugs daily, covering arrests in zip 30518. Buford and Sugar Hill areas had NO ARRESTS for DUI's over New Years Eve. Surprising to me. Kudos to the GA State Patrol and the Gwinnett County police for their dedicated efforts.