RobFromNorcross 2 years, 3 months ago on GCPS buys back its headquarters

Wonder how many office buildings increased from $17 million to $52 million in value in the last 8 years? Everyone knows what a boom time it has been...


RobFromNorcross 2 years, 3 months ago on School board approves tax hike

Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks said the action was needed in order to combat a declining tax digest as well as generate revenue needed to meet debt service payments.

Maybe they should recognize that their citizens have taken a beating in real estate values...

Wilbanks said, the increase will "allow us to eliminate furlough days"... at a projected cost of $8.6 million

Maybe we should continue the furlough days or find the money somewhere else in the budget.

Why is the only solution for government to increase the tax rate to fund whatever they desire? Why can't they reduce spending and eliminate costs like us taxpayers have to do?


RobFromNorcross 3 years ago on WILL'S WORLD: Don't forget about Parkview

Don't forget the week before Norcross beat Parkview 20-0 and held the entire team including Carson to 52 yards rushing, and only 100 total offense, and Parkview only beat a pretty mediocre (at this point) Peachtree Ridge team by 3-0. Grayson played a very sloppy game and Parkview pounced... but there is a lot of football yet before Parkview has a Region 8 title- I would bet against it at this point 10:1. But they will likely make the playoffs