RetiredTeacher 2 years, 9 months ago on YARBROUGH: Pro-charter amendment forces try to bully opponents

Mr. Yarbrough, You are absolutely correct!!! Thank you for your insight. I am shocked at those who spout the rhetoric we, in public education, know to be filled with lies and half-truths. Their detest of public education is amazing, but we are not nearly as bad as they make us out to be. I'll bet those who are against public education could not even pass the tests we middle or high schools. Yeah, we have failing schools. We teach Algebra in 8th grade.....the same course some of you adults failed in high school. Oh, yes, our 8th grade course is an application course.....not the one you took in high school. You only had to work the problems....our students must work the problems within an application problem. MUCH more difficult. That Biology course you had in 10th grade......our students take in 7th grade...called Life Science. The 9th grade Biology course is an extension of 7th grade.....and harder than what you had in high school. Your old 9th grade Physical now taught in 8th grade. It was taught in 6th grade until someone realized it really was too difficult for most 6th it was moved back to 8th grade. That Rising Junior writing test you took in college......well.....our 8th graders have had to pass a writing test for years that is more difficult than the one you took in college. So, where are those so-called "failing schools" you harp on? Yeah.....must have been back in your day. We've moved on, but some of you have not. Come take our tests. Bet you can't pass them! Kevin and Buzz, we have some tests with your names on them!