Redramjam 2 years, 7 months ago on Cops: Man shoots at carload of people, kills 1

Looks like this country in converting back to the ways of the old west. Everybody's armed, and God forbid you cut your eyes the wrong way at somebody, unless you can pull your gun quicker. You can bet I won't be turning around in any strange driveways when I miss my turn anymore.

It's more than just the neighborhood going down, it's getting to be pretty much city wide. We could use a few more "hookah shops", "smoke shops" check cashing shops, supermacado's, maybe we can get a trailer park or two zoned in. Liburn "small town, big problems." No wonder a decent higher end chain restaurant won't come anywhere near lilburn.


Redramjam 2 years, 7 months ago on Student killed while crossing street; charges filed

Just plain bad taste to publicly ponder the young Mans "intended destination". Knowing he was run down by some woman that you can bet, she was talking on the phone and digging in her purse while speeding down the center lane! ONLY TO BE CHARGED WITH A MISDEMEANOR. As for "Veryconcernedcitizen" is concerned there ARE NO CROSSWALKS OR SIDEWALKS IN THE AREA!!! As far as the photographer for the post, that cross and bear are placed where the R&B singer Natina Reed, was also struck and killed in the same area, last summer. Guess that's why the balloons are already deflated. May this young man rest in Gods arms.