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The old pretense of getting other peoples money...

"That way we even get money from folks who live outside Gwinnett and spend money here."

Just remember where YOU shop - if its within our borders, its YOUR wallet. If that's want you want show up and vote. You can surely bet the Chamber's people will...

If you think they are collecting enough already and we need a break - show up and cast a vote...

If you think you're getting free money - you're not


R 1 year, 9 months ago on OUR VIEW: Make your voice heard on SPLOST

@ whynot

But elsewhere you supported the trash tax er "fee"

(That we can't deduct on our FEDERAL taxes because they simply didn't call it a tax, an oversight that a county BOC vote can fix today)

on our county tax bills that (gasp) INCREASED monthly mortgage payments...
(Raising costs higher than if YOU paid for the service directly)

So which is it ...

Sales tax, property tax or really BOTH that need to go up?

(Passing an increase in either simply will not DROP the total take of the other)


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Nothing like driving revenue to Zukerburg.

Perhaps the POST and its associated publications can tell us "on the record" if there is revenue to be gained by them in implementing this policy...

Requiring FaceBook use is foolish false security and as stated earlier by others - phantom accounts exist just so IDs can't be linked. Revenue is the only real logical reason for this change and FaceBook loves to quote the base numbers to Wall Street.

Politico: The tech industry has long sought the ability to hire more foreign, high-skilled workers, though Zuckerberg and others have pushed for comprehensive immigration reform in Congress.

“I can’t really tell anyone how to legislate,” Zuckerberg said. “Everyone understands the stuff way better than I do. So, you know, my goal in this is to just try to help support folks who care deeply about getting this done on both sides and hopefully we can make a difference.”

CORRECTION: A previous version of this report misstated the number of people Facebook seeks to expand its membership by. It’s 5 billion.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/08/mark-zuckerberg-immigration-reform-internet-access-95752.html#ixzz2cv4ysFYR


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There appear to 4 folks that enjoy being hoodwinked and would gleefully pay more than retail for services provided...

I wonder if they return their personal Federal Tax Refunds? Probably claim NO deductions during the year too...

Why on earth do you reward government that CLEARLY promised you one thing publicly (loud and often no less) and then delivered this?

Do you work in these businesses or have other financial interests at play?

Is it perhaps a morbid fascination with all things Connie Wiggins?

Well lets see what happens when next year's millage rates roll around - maybe those 4 will just be ecstatic!!