Producermom 2 years, 3 months ago on Murphy, Falk aim for District 3

We need more money! - or so incumbent MK Murphy laments. Yet, Gwinnett seems to be flush enough to pay $150,000 a year (for the past 5 years = $900,000) for 2 people at the County who are supposed to bring in business. No one has seen hard proof (something in writing perhaps?) of the supposed companies that have been courted and won for Gwinnett, a list or some accounting of the new jobs that were supposedly generated and where the $6 million she referenced (P’tree Corners debate 10-22-12) in “revenue and benefits” actually landed up. In fact the 2 positions were buried in the budget 5 years ago and would never have become known had it not been for a Gwinnett Citizens group. Then the county tap danced a response and MKM’s feet are flying the fastest trying to defend this gross mishandling of our monies. Now, she says our budget was reduced by $650,000. Well, maybe the country would be so kind as to make it up with the revenue generated by the 2 positions the School Board has paid for. Two can play this game - and it is a shell game. MKM needs to go - as does the whole board. VOTE JEN FALK!