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Man found dead at Duluth apartment complex April 19, 2014


PaulieD 1 year, 11 months ago on 'Moonshine' bust a cultural misunderstanding?

Home brewing is a long-standing tradition in our country and it stretches hundreds of years back. Mostly everyone who lives in the countryside has equipment for this kind of work, and everyone knows how to use it. And since they all have it, selling doesn't happen too often. One good reason for this: the booze is too good to sell to others :)

Romanians brew tzuicah, which is made of fermented plums, and "palinka", which is made of fermented pears, apples and other fruits. They also make wine, if they have a vineyard. The processes are quite harmless, so talking about an explosion.. that's out of the question. All that could happen is the owner dying because of the carbon monoxide released in the fermenting process, but as I said, this is a centuries old tradition, and most people know how to avoid that. The neighbour shouldn't have feared an explosion or anything, because there wasn't nothing "explodable" there.

I should warn you of another romanian custom... killing a pig in the yard, the days before Christmas :)

I agree with the "learn the laws of the adoptive country" idea, but I think authorities should discern between a felony and a harmless tradition. After all, there is Google :)