PBQSO 2 years, 5 months ago on Shirley Lasseter resignation letter

So glad to read that you plan to "right the wrongs" in which you were involved as my elected representative to the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners. Does that mean that the pawn shop at 888 Pleasant Hill Road will lose the special use permit you pushed through with your friends Charlie and Mike ("District courtesy") in February 2010 -- despite the Planning and Zoning Board's unanimous vote two weeks earlier to deny that exception to the existing land use plan? On 02/23/10, when constituents from your district opposed that special use permit, you acknowledged the "stigma" associated with pawn shops and addressed it as follows -- "We need to try to take that away." That's a direct quote from the next day's edition of the GDP.

As I recall, at the P & Z hearing, the person who filed the request for the variance was exposed as a "straw applicant." That didn't even slow you down two weeks later when the issue came before the Commission. I haven't accessed the archived video of that meeting -- but I clearly remember you suggesting that pawn shops were going to be a part of our future economic reality.

Thanks again for that "vision" for my neighborhood. You can claim "sorry" and "remorse" and "embarassment" as you prepare for your upcoming sentencing. But I don't think any of us in my part of District 1 will buy it, so long as we still need to drive past that pawn shop at 888 Pleasant Hill Road. And after Thursday's news, can you blame us for thinking that it might just have been a practice round for the Boggs Road attempt that got you caught?