Outlaw79 1 year, 9 months ago on Search continues on Lanier, likely to be called off during weekend

What a terrible tradgedy. My heart and prayers go out to the Prince family. I wish I could say a lesson will be learned here, however, the typical weekend boaters on lake lanier don't seem to be the kind of folks that learn anything.

A fisherman myself, I sold my boat 2 years ago simply because of the traffic and constant encounters with irresponsible boaters on Lake Lanier. I found trying to fish on the weekends is impossible unless you can get off the water by 10am.

People on the lake lose all sense of courtesy, safety, and common sense when on the lake and it seems half the boaters on the lake over any weekend are inebriated. I agree with the poster who stated that some sort of certification should be required to boat on Lanier.

Incidentally, it is ridiculous that the blood alchohol required for a BUI charge is higher than that for DUI. What is legislature's thinking on that one?