Nottahappycamper 2 years, 8 months ago on Teacher resigns following homework controversy

Bigotry and racism are two different things. However, bigotry is way too often mistaken for racism. Whatever.....Since no specific factually supported proof has been given of such racism, stop this spreading of poison. Prove there is racism if you can. This Beaver Ridge issue was simply a mistake in judgement. I can understand the teachers motive in combining current areas of study into their curriculum but the material used in the test should have been different. But I don't believe it was racism. It's over now. Decisions were made and consequences were dealt with. Be done with this already.

Who funds the NAACP? As with ANY group who congregate at large protests REGARDLESS of RACE/COLOR or ETHNICITY, how do these people make a living? Who pays these folks to be outside the school and protest during normal business hours? I can understand the parents of these children who were in this classroom at the time of the test protesting, but the NAACP?? And.....where was Jesse Jackson?