Nadlej 3 years ago

Shirley betrayed the public trust and the fact that some in Duluth (Nancy Harris) are supporting her is amazing. She STOLE from us and in addition to her jail time should lose ALL public pension money coming to her. There is no rational reason for supporting anyone who steals from the public. Kudos to Danny Porter - he smelled a rat and he caught one.


Nadlej 2 years, 11 months ago

I am glad others quickly focused on the fact that "federal stimulus" money is indeed taxpayer money. With the deficit and the debt at out of control levels why does anyone think the US taxpayer (including those of us in Gwinnett who pay taxes) should bet on what is being described as a private sector project. It doesn't matter if it was two sentences-three sentences or a whole paragraph taken out of context, it it is such a great project finance it with NO Taxpayer funds.

As for the forever tainted BOC I hope here hasn't been any funny business on this - they have already lost all credibility and it would take a long time to get it back. Danny and the team needs to look very closely.......


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