NFLJunkie 1 year, 11 months ago on Enter to win Falcons tickets

I vividly remember the incredible excitement of Falcon times like: • When it was announced that Atlanta got a new NFL franchise.
• The first Falcon draft pick Tommy Nobis. What a HUGE deal.
• Going with friends to Atlanta Fulton County stadium in 1980 at 1:00 AM on a cold and blustery morning to stand in line to get tickets to the Falcons playoff game against Dallas.
• Dancing, shouting, and hugging everyone in sight when the Falcons beat the Vikings to go to their first Super Bowl.
• Cheering the Falcons as they left Suwanee for the Super Bowl.
As a lifelong fan, I have raised my sons to be great Falcon fans. I truly believe this is the Falcons year to win the Super Bowl!!! Go Falcons!!!