Mugsy1 2 years, 4 months ago on New budget, service districts could mean higher taxes

The county commission has persistently used SPLOST funds to purchase more land. The commission, however, does not seem to realize that once they purchase a property it is removed from the tax rolls. Besides generating no tax revenue these properties require annual expenditures that must come from the general fund, as it is forbidden to use SPLOST funds for operating funds. Even worse, when they make these purchases they agree to be contractually bound to keep them parks into perpetuity. The SPLOST is also used to build new county buildings such as the Snellville tag office and the complex on Indian Trail. The rent they used to pay to private industry was less than the monthly expenses associated with the locations they used to lease. Bryson Park is the most egregious example of the commission having lost touch with reality. Lucky Shoals park has been underutilized as has Lions Club Park. To build a new park between them is unfathomable, however it was decided to remove more property from the tax rolls to grant the commission a legacy. How many hundreds of millions of dollars have been removed from the tax rolls so the county commissioners can smugly accept awards for their progressive outlook on service centers, parks, and libraries? As a final thought I must remind all of you of the outrageous amount spent acquiring the Olympic tennis venue and the future expenses associated with it.